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Transitional Business Models eBook Guide
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SUPER GUIDE: Transitional Business Models

The Super Guide about Transitional Business Models is a complete guide on how companies change their business models over time as an evolution strategy.

Table of Content

Here’s the content you’ll find in this guide

  1. Introduction
  2. What is a Transitional Business Model?
  3. Characteristics of transitional business models
  4. Company Cases
    1. Tesla
    2. Netflix
    3. Facebook
    4. Uber
    5. Amazon
  5. Industry Case: Software
  6. How to implement
  7. Conclusion

Read an excerpt from this Super Guide:

“Transitional business models are simply put business models that have temporary formats. They start one way but their companies’ management knows it will end up another way. They can be phased in order to make the start process easier and create a more solid foundation for their main goal.

Many of the leading brands nowadays, such as Netflix, Apple, or Tesla, have passed through transitional strategies in order to adapt to their audience demands, before it is too late for changes.

This dynamic will persist for long yet, following technology improvements and business innovation, since transitional models provide profitable opportunities, in accordance with behavior, regulations, and technology evolutions.

But, don’t get mistaken: implementing transitional business models doesn’t involve predicting the future, but simply being flexible and open to welcome the changes the market unfolds. Let’s check it out.

This is must-have knowledge for entrepreneurs and business model analysts, and consultants if you want to dominate business models, this super guide was made especially for you.

Transitional Business Models

Transitional Business Models

Transitional Business Models

Transitional Business Models

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