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SaaS Business Model eBook Guide
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SaaS Business Model eBook Guide

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SUPER GUIDE: SaaS Business Model

The Super Guide about SaaS Business Model is a complete guide on a business model that includes selling cloud-based software or services by charging monthly or annual subscription fees.

Table of Content

Here’s the content you’ll find in this guide

  1. Introduction
  2. What Is The Saas Business Model?
  3. The History Of Saas
  4. Saas Adoption Is Growing
  5. Revolutionizing Businesses With Saas
  6. Saas Vs Cloud Computing
  7. Saas Vs Paas
  8. Saas Basics And Advantages
    1. Benefits For The Customer
      1. Minimizing Costs
      2. Hassle-Free Upgrade
      3. Easy Accessibility
      4. Collaborative Work Made Easier
      5. Up-To-Date Features
      6. Quick Benefits
      7. Higher Adoption
      8. Minimizes Troubleshooting
    2. Benefits Of The Saas Business Model Vendors
      1. Recurring Revenue
      2. Easy Upgrading
      3. Easier Support System
      4. Experimenting With Features
    3. Additional Benefits For Software Owners
      1. Increased Lifetime Value
      2. Loyal Customer Base
      3. Real-Time Data
      4. Increased Valuations
  9. Challenges Related To Transitioning To Saas
  10. How Does The Saas Business Model Work?
    1. Focus On Customer Retention
    2. Acquiring New Customers
    3. Using Real-Time Data
  11. What Are The Downsides Of A Saas Business Model?
    1. Competition In The Industry
    2. Getting The First Customer Can Be Slow And
    3. Frustrating
    4. Building Long-Term Customer Relationship
  12. Saas Sales Approaches
    1. Low-Touch Saas Sales
    2. High-Touch Saas Sales
  13. What Are The Stages Of A Saas Company?
    1. Pre-Startup
    2. Startup
    3. Growth
    4. Maturity
  14. Important Saas Business Model Metrics
    1. Mrr (Monthly Recurring Revenue)
    2. Different Types Of Mrr
      1. New Mrr
      2. Net New Mrr
      3. Expansion/Upsell Mrr
      4. Churned Mrr
      5. Reactivated Mrr
      6. Contracted Mrr
    3. Importance Of Tracking Accurate Mrr
      1. Misleading Metrics Can Lead To Unprofessionalism
      2. Passing Off Big Growth Rates On Small Numbers Can Cause Self-Harm
      3. Accurate Mom Fluctuation
    4. How To Calculate Mrr
    5. Mrr Formulas
      1. New Mrr Formula
      2. Net New Mrr Formula
      3. Expansion/Upsell Mrr Formula
      4. Churned Mrr Formula
      5. Reactivated Mrr Formula
      6. Contracted Mrr Formula
    6. How To Grow Mrr
      1. Product-Led Growth (Plg)
      2. Retain Current Customers
      3. Invest In What Works
    7. Cac (Customer Acquisition Cost)
      1. Importance Of Cac
      2. How To Calculate Cac?
      3. How To Improve Cac?
    8. Ltv (Lifetime Value)
      1. Importance Of Ltv
      2. How To Calculate Ltv?
      3. How To Improve Ltv?
    9. Churn
      1. Customer Churn
      2. Importance Of Customer Churn
      3. How To Calculate Customer Churn Rate?
      4. How To Reduce Customer Churn?
    10. Revenue Churn
      1. How To Calculate Revenue Churn Rate?
    11. Customer Retention Cohort Analysis
      1. Importance Of Cohorts Analysis
      2. Impact Of New Product Features
      3. New Marketing Campaigns
      4. Understanding New Customer
    12. How To Build Cohort Customer Retention
      1. Start With A Goal And Questions
      2. Define The Metrics & Data Needed
      3. Perform The Analysis
      4. Study The Data
  15. The Pros Of The Saas Business Model
    1. Recurring Revenue
    2. Rapid Growth
    3. Ease Of Deployment
    4. Predictable Revenue
  16. The Cons Of The Saas Business Model
    1. Upfront Costs
    2. High Risk
    3. Churn
    4. Saas Business Model Growth Strategies
    5. Customer Stories And Referrals
    6. Thought Leadership
    7. Third-Party Resources
    8. Social Media And Influencer Marketing
  17. Types Of Saas Products
    1. Packaged Software
    2. Collaborative Software
    3. Management And Enabling Tools
  18. What Is The Process To Build A Great Saas Product?
    1. Determine If It’s The Right Choice
    2. Design A Roadmap And Strategy
    3. Design And Development
    4. Beta Testing
    5. Customer Onboarding
    6. Continue To Deliver Value And Market
  19. Types Of Saas Solutions
    1. Customer Relationship Management (Crm) Software
    2. Enterprise Resource Planning (Erp) Software
    3. Accounting Software
    4. Project Management Software
    5. Cms And E-Commerce Platforms
    6. Collaboration And Communication Solutions
    7. Hr/Hrm Solutions
    8. Payment Gateways And Billing Solutions
    9. Niche/Specialty/Vertical Saas Solution
  20. Saas Sales And Marketing: How Do Saas Brands Attract Users?
    1. Attract The Right Audience
    2. Building Relationship With Leads
    3. Removing Roadblocks To Sign Up
    4. Engaging Users
    5. Increase The Customer Lifetime Value
  21. Saas Pricing Models
    1. Freemium
    2. Flat-Rate Pricing
    3. Tiered Pricing
    4. Per-User Pricing
    5. Usage-Based Pricing
  22. What’s The End-Game For A Successful Saas Company?
  23. Best Saas Companies And Secrets Of Their Success
    1. Hubspot
      1. Inbound Marketing
      2. All-In-One Solution
      3. Easy-To-Use
    2. Dropbox
      1. Simplicity
      2. It’s Fast
      3. Cross-Platform Support
    3. Zoom
      1. Easy-To-Use
      2. Pioneering New Features
    4. Shopify
      1. Non-Tech Friendly
      2. Graphic Interface
    5. Surveymonkey
      1. User-Friendly Interface Design
      2. A Big Choice Of Templates
    6. Slack
      1. Design
      2. Integration Power
  24. Saas Learning Resources
    1. Tomasz Tunguz
    2. Saastr
    3. Hitenism
    4. Chaotic Flow
    5. Sixteen Ventures
    6. For Entrepreneurs
    7. Startup School
    8. Predictable Revenue

Read an excerpt from this SaaS Business Model Super Guide:

“The world is changing, and so are the technologies. Today’s technology is so advanced that we can’t think of what is going to come tomorrow. New technologies are appearing every day. One of the results of this technological revolution is SaaS, or Software as a Service. This technological revolution has changed the way we look at business before. 

At the core of the SaaS business model, the base here is the cloud. Thanks to the advancement of the internet and the introduction of cloud service, which has opened the door for SaaS to emerge. SaaS has set us free by giving us the chance to access anything from anywhere. All you need is just a device advanced enough to handle the task and a stable internet connection.

SaaS has brought almost all kinds of offline software solutions and services online. You want to edit software, but you don’t have your laptop where the editing software is installed, no worries, there are online editors.”

This is must-have knowledge for entrepreneurs and business model analysts, and consultants if you want to dominate business models, this super guide was made especially for you.

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