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Revenue Models eBook Guide
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SUPER GUIDE: Revenue Models

The Super Guide about Revenue Models is an important material about how companies can maximize profits through revenue modeling.

Table of Content

Here’s the content you’ll find in this guide

  1. Introduction
  2. What is Revenue Model?
  3. Business Model vs Revenue Model vs Revenue Stream
  4. Symmetrical vs. Asymmetrical business models
  5. Why is Revenue Modeling Important in Business?
  6. Types of Revenue Models
    1. Ad-supported Revenue Model
    2. Licensing Revenue Model
    3. Affiliate Revenue Model
    4. White-labeling Revenue Model
    5. Freemium Revenue Model
    6. Subscription-based Revenue Model
    7. Consumption-based Revenue Model
    8. Brokerage (Commission-based) Revenue Model
    9. Hidden Revenue Model
    10. Razor and blade Revenue Model
    11. Donation Revenue Model
    12. Arbitrage Revenue Model
    13. Data Sales Revenue Model
    14. Transactional Revenue Model
    15. Rental or Leasing Revenue Model
    16. Borrow / Lending
    17. Product is Free, But Services Aren’t
    18. Direct Revenue Model
    19. Indirect Revenue Model
    20. Hybrid Revenue Models
    21. Markup Model
  7. Revenue Model Combinations
  8. Revenue Associated With Different Business Models
  9. Some Case Studies of Revenue Models
    1. Amazon
    2. Netflix
    3. Uber
    4. FoodPanda
    5. Disney
    6. Binance
    7. Apple
  10. Revenue Models Key Performance Indicators
  11. Tips for choosing your revenue model
  12. How To Write a Business Revenue Model
  13. How To Recognize Revenue Accurately?
  14. Conclusion

Here’s an excerpt from this Super Guide:

“Revenue models are a fundamental part of successful business models. Whether you are a brick-and-mortar retail company or software as a service business, aiming to generate as much revenue as possible is critically important for your venture.

In very simple words, a revenue model is how a business makes money. It is a conceptual framework that includes every aspect of the revenue earning strategy, such as the value proposition (product/service), the revenue sources, the pricing and payment methods, and the target consumer.

Revenue can be generated from many sources and means. But the revenue model you chose will define how you can sell to your target audience, in order to build a profitable growth-oriented business.

Therefore, it is a core element of your business model.

This is a must-have skill for entrepreneurs and business model analysts and consultants. If you want to dominate business models this super guide was made especially for you.

Revenue Models - Super Guide

Revenue Models - Super Guide

Revenue Models - Super Guide

Revenue Models - Super Guide

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