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Module One: Getting Started

Every organization is responsible for maintaining records. The ability to create, organize, and maintain records and archives is essential to success. Correct records keeping will not only offer liability protection; it will also increase efficiency and productivity. To put it simply, maintaining records and archives will improve the bottom line.

Workshop Objectives

Research has consistently demonstrated that when clear goals are associated with learning, it occurs more easily and rapidly. With that in mind, let’s review our goals for today.

At the end of this workshop, participants should be able to:

Define records and archives

Analyze records in context

Classify records

Understand different systems

Maintain and convert records



Module One: Getting Started
  • Housekeeping Items
  • The Parking Lot
  • Workshop Objectives
  • Action Plans and Evaluations
Module Two: What is Creativity?
  • Divergent Thinking
  • Problem Solving
  • Imagination and Inspiration
  • Something Out of Nothing
  • Case Study
  • Module Two: Review Questions
Module Three: Getting Inspired
  • Introspection
  • Read More
  • Removing the Mental Block
  • Art Inspires Art
  • Case Study
  • Module Three: Review Questions
Module Four: Beating Procrastination
  • Get Rid Of Clutter
  • Self-Imposed Limitations
  • Build on Small Successes
  • Don’t Start at the Beginning
  • Case Study
  • Module Four: Review Questions
Module Five: Improving Your Creative Mind Set (I)
  • Open Mind
  • Do Not Judge
  • Positive Mind Set
  • Ask Why?
  • Case Study
  • Module Five: Review Questions
Module Six: Improving Your Creative Mind Set (II)
  • Make Associations
  • Keep a Journal
  • Question Assumptions
  • Creative Confidence
  • Case Study
  • Module Six: Review Questions
                                                                      Module Seven: Curiosity
                                                                      • Spark Your Curiosity
                                                                      • Curiosity is the Engine of Creativity
                                                                      • Engage
                                                                      • Ask Open Ended Questions
                                                                      • Case Study
                                                                      • Module Seven: Review Questions
                                                                      Module Eight: Take Risks
                                                                      • Be Confident
                                                                      • Scared to Fail?
                                                                      • Fake It ‘til You Make It
                                                                      • Afraid To Be Judged
                                                                      • Case Study
                                                                      • Module Eight: Review Questions
                                                                      Module Nine: Think Like a Child
                                                                      • Daydream
                                                                      • Be Curious
                                                                      • Play Games
                                                                      • Experiment
                                                                      • Case Study
                                                                      • Module Nine: Review Questions
                                                                      Module Ten: Environmental Factors
                                                                      • Work Area
                                                                      • Additional Environments
                                                                      • Get Enough Sleep
                                                                      • Variables
                                                                      • Case Study
                                                                      • Module Ten: Review Questions
                                                                      Module Eleven: Individual Brainstorming
                                                                      • Generate A Lot of Ideas
                                                                      • Mind Mapping
                                                                      • Visualization
                                                                      • Organize and Bring the Ideas Together
                                                                      • Case Study
                                                                      • Module Eleven: Review Questions
                                                                      Module Twelve: Wrapping Up
                                                                      • Words from the Wise
                                                                      • Review of Parking Lot
                                                                      • Lessons Learned
                                                                      • Completion of Action Plans and Evaluations