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Healthtech Business Models eBook Guide
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Healthtech Business Models eBook Guide

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SUPER GUIDE: Healthtech Business Models

The Super Guide about Healthtech Business Models is a complete guide on how the health industry and the technology are connecting to improve the overall quality of healthcare.

Table of Content

Here’s the content you’ll find in this guide

  1. Introduction
  2. What Is Healthtech?
  3. Healthtech Vs. Digital Health Vs. Healthcare It
  4. Healthtech In The Context Of The Broader Healthcare System
    1. Consumer Care
    2. Medical Care
    3. Healthcare System Management
  5. Healthtech Ecosystem
    1. Startup Ecosystem
    2. Funding Landscape
  6. The Evolution Of Digital Health: How Did We Get Here?
  7. 4 Healthtech Trends Changing The World Of Medicine
    1. Predictive And Preventative Care
    2. Personalized Medication
    3. Consumerization
    4. De-Siloing
  8. The New Go-To-Markets In Digital Health
    1. B2c2b / Bottom-Up Sales
    2. B2smb
    3. Risk-Based Contracting
    4. Two-Sided Networks
    5. Distribution Partnerships Through Aggregators
  9. Healthtech Has Been Experiencing A Shift From B2b To B2c Business Models
  10. 7 Health Tech Business Models
  11. On-Demand Health Models
    1. Five Touch Points In The Healthcare Cycle Of A Typical Customer
    2. Personalized Health Solutions
    3. Information On Request
    4. Patient Experience Benchmarks
    5. Care-Anywhere Networks
    6. Telehealth
  12. On-Demand On-Site Models
    1. On-Demand Home Services
    2. Telehealth
    3. On-Demand Medical Transport
  13. Marketplace Models
    1. Doctors/Clinicians – Hospitals Marketplace
    2. Medical Devices — Hospitals Marketplace
    3. Crowdsourced Safety Net
  14. Curation Models
  15. Disruption In Healthcare: Tools To Redesign Your Business Model
    1. The Business Model Canvas
    2. The Value Proposition Canvas
  16. How To Assess Digital Health Business Models
  17. The Application Of Business Models To E-Health
  18. Four Principal Components In An E-Health Business Model
    1. The Client
    2. The Offer
    3. Resources
    4. Finance
  19. Nine Healthcare Value Pools
    1. Research And Development
    2. Wellness And Disease Prevention
    3. Rapid Genome Sequencing
    4. Ai-Based Imaging Diagnostics
    5. Improved Care Effectiveness
    6. Remote Patient Support Technology
    7. Improving Product/Service Delivery Technologies
    8. Optimization Of The Current Health System Financial Model
    9. Increased Operational Efficiency Solutions
  20. How Do Digital Health Companies Typically Demonstrate Value?
    1. Which Value Pools Are Investors Most Excited About?
    2. Which Value Pools Are Patients Most Excited About?
  21. How To Harness The Potential Of Digital Health
    1. Avoid Stagnation And Constantly Look For New Value Pools
    2. Encourage Partnership And Collaboration
    3. Take The Initiative And Seize Opportunities
  22. How To Build A Team For A Medical Startup
    1. Gather Your Core Team Members
    2. Employ An Experienced Cto
    3. Outsource Software Development
  23. How To Start A Healthcare Business: A Step-By-Step Guide
    1. Study The Market
    2. Hire A Medical Advisory Board
    3. Outline Of The Development Plan
    4. Create A Business Plan And Calculate The Budget
    5. Start With An Mvp
    6. Choose The Revenue Model
    7. Ensure Compliance With Regulations
    8. Promote Your Product Before Release
    9. Develop And Release A Full Product
  24. Revenue Streams
    1. Direct-To-Customers (D2c) Digital Health Products
    2. Insurers As Your Sponsors
  25. Revenue Streams: Contracts With Hospitals (B2b & B2b2c)
  26. Why Healthcare Startups Fail
    1. Insufficient Networking And Marketing
    2. Wrong People At The C-Level
    3. Tunnel Vision
    4. Lack Of An Evidence-Generation Strategy
    5. Reimbursement And Payment Problems
    6. Lack Of Demand
  27. New Business Models In Digital Health
    1. Metricaid
    2. Vitalhub
    3. Evolution Health Systems Inc.
    4. Liberate
    5. Dmar
    6. Sensory Technologies
  28. Best Healthtech Marketing Strategies To Convert Customers
    1. Medshr Used Facebook Ads To Grow Its Medical Community
    2. Doctify Created An Omnichannel Marketing Strategy To Target Different Buyer Personas
    3. Patientpop Revamped Its Case Study Library Based On Outcomes
    4. Medical Realities Live Streams 360° Vr Video On Youtube For Brand Awareness
    5. Mayo Clinic’s Content Marketing Strategy Makes It A Subject-Matter Expert In The Industry
    6. Rochester Regional Health Created Social Media Hashtags To Collect User-Generated Content
    7. Wego Health Works With Influencers In The Medical Community To Reach A Wider Audience
  29. Conclusion

Read an excerpt from this Healthtech Business Models Super Guide:

“Every day, we notice the ever-increasing presence of technology and digitization in virtually every aspect of our lives. Therefore, it was only natural that such innovations would eventually make their way into the healthcare sector and the way we interact with it. What most people never expected (except maybe ambitious sci-fi movies) was the degree of integration that we would see and the birth of an entire branch of technological application known as Health Technology (HealthTech).

At its most basic definition, HealthTech represents a union between the different parts of the healthcare industry and various disciplines within the field of engineering. The purpose of this overlap was to achieve improved healthcare services in terms of delivery, payment, and consumption. This includes numerous and widely varying technologies, from robot-assisted surgeries to telehealth solutions and even virtual augmented reality.”

This is must-have knowledge for entrepreneurs and business model analysts, and consultants if you want to dominate business models, this super guide was made especially for you.

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