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Exponential Business Models eBook Guide
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SUPER GUIDE: Exponential Business Models

The Super Guide about Exponential Business Models is a complete guide on fundamentals of exponential marketing, including its underlying ideas and approaches, as well as the possible benefits that this type of marketing may have for firms.

Table of content

  1. Introduction
  2. What Is A Business Model?
  3. What Is An Exponential Business Model?
    1. Exponential Growth
  4. Difference Between Linear Business Model And Exponential Business Model
  5. Why Is This Shift Happening?
  6. Elements Of Exponential Business Model
    1. Market Potential
    2. Customer Value Created
    3. Customer Acquisition
    4. Customer Lifetime Value
    5. Economies Of Scale
  7. The Nine Design Principles For Exponential Transformation
    1. Customer Segments: Solve A Problem For The Masses
    2. Value Proposition: Information-Based Services And Platforms
    3. Relationships: Build A Community Of Fans
    4. Channels: Multi-Modal And Social
    5. Key Activities: Automated And Scalable Processes
    6. Key Activities: Lean Approach
    7. Key Activities, Resources, And Partners: Algorithm To The Core
    8. Key Resources: Networked Culture
    9. Partners: Build Uncommon Relationships
  8. Different Exponential Business Model
    1. Network Effects
      1. Example Of Network Effects
        1. Social Media
        2. E-Commerce
        3. Recruiting
        4. Ride-Sharing
        5. Delivery Service
        6. Freelance
        7. User Reviews
    2. Platform-Based Business Models
      1. Examples Of Platform Businesses
        1. Amazon
        2. Tiktok
        3. Apple
        4. Fiverr
        5. Instacart
        6. Github
        7. Justpark
        8. Zipcar
        9. Utest
        10. Wax Marketplace
    3. Subscription Models
      1. Examples Of Subscription Businesses
        1. Netflix
        2. Apple One
        3. Amazon Prime
        4. Google
        5. Scribd
        6. Hellofresh
        7. Porsche Drive
        8. Falck
    4. Freemium Models
      1. Freemium Model Examples
        1. Spotify
        2. Dropbox
        3. Linkedin
        4. Chartexpo
        5. Ppc Signal
    5. Automation-Based Business Models
      1. Atm Business
      2. Website
    6. Ecosystem-Based Business Models
      1. Examples Of Ecosystem-Based Business Models
        1. Apple’s Ecosystem
        2. Amazon’s Ecosystem
        3. Google’s Ecosystem
        4. Microsoft’s Ecosystem
  9. Example Of Exponential Business Model
    1. Airbnb
    2. Uber
    3. Paypal
    4. Etsy
    5. Squarespace
    6. Netflix
    7. Amazon
    8. Spotify
  10. Steps To Design An Exponential Business Model
    1. Start Fresh
    2. Define Your Mtp
    3. Find A Global Problem And A Scalable Solution
    4. Define Your Exo Canvas
    5. Define Your Bmc Based On The Exo Canvas
      1. Define The Customer Segment And The Value Proposition Blocks In The Bmc
      2. Check The Staff On Demand
      3. Check The Community & Crowd
      4. Check The Algorithms
      5. Check The Leveraged Assets
      6. Check The Engagement
      7. Finish The Exponential Business Model
  11. Exponential Business Growth And The Flywheel
  12. Conclusion


Read an excerpt from this Exponential Business Models Super Guide:

“An exponential business model is simply one that leverages technology and innovation to scale a business quickly and efficiently. When compared to more conventional business models, it is distinguished by the fact that it is primarily focused on the generation and acquisition of value through the application of various types of technology, including networks and platforms.”


This is must-have knowledge for entrepreneurs and business model analysts and consultants. If you want to dominate business models this super guide was made especially for you.

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