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SUPER GUIDE: Empathy Map

The Super Guide about Empathy Map is a complete guide on how empathy is considered a vital “soft skill” within the business world.

Table of content

  1. Introduction
  2. What Is Empathy?
    1. Why Is Empathy Suddenly So Important In The Business World?
    2. What Are Some Key Advantages Of Adopting This Soft Skill To Your Business Model?
      1. Increased Sales
      2. Greater Customer Retention
      3. More Referrals
      4. Increased Productivity
      5. Enhanced Innovative Potential
      6. Expanded Business Collaborations And Alliances
  3. Why Do Some Businesses Which Fail To Apply Empathy Fail?
    1. Placing Company Goals Before Consumer Values
    2. Placing Your Shareholders Before Your Customers
    3. Failing To Connect With Their Audience
    4. Failing To Identify Your Customers
    5. Failing To Foster A Supportive Work Environment
    6. Failing To Identify Weaknesses
  4. Understanding The Empathy Map
    1. What Is An Empathy Map?
    2. Who Designed The Empathy Map?
    3. When To Employ An Empathy Map
  5. Empathy Map Quadrants
    1. Parts Of An Empathy Map
    2. The Traditional Empathy Map
      1. Says Quadrant
      2. Thinks Quadrant
      3. Does Quadrant
      4. Feels Quadrant
  6. Empathy Map Canvas
    1. Parts Of The Empathy Map Canvas
      1. Who Are We Empathizing With?
      2. What Do They Intend To Do?
      3. What Did They See?
      4. What Do They Say?
      5. What Did They Do?
      6. What Do They Hear?
      7. What Do They Think And Feel?
  7. How Does The Empathy Map Relate To The Concept Of Persona?
  8. How To Create An Empathy Map?
    1. Select Your Subject
    2. Gather Your Data
    3. Gather Your Supplies
    4. Assemble Your Team
    5. Draw Your Map
    6. Summarize This Information
  9. How To Use Empathy Maps To Drive Your Saas Growth
  10. Example Of A Complete Customer Empathy Map
  11. What Benefits Does The Empathy Map Bring To The Marketing Strategy?
    1. Information Distributed In A Clear Visual Analysis
    2. A Better Understanding Of The Brand’s Audience
    3. Quick Implementation And Low Costs
    4. Important Insights From The Profile Analysis
    5. They Offer Versatility And Flexibility
    6. They Are Repeatable And Reliable
  12. Empathy Maps In B2b
    1. Why Use Empathy Maps In B2b
    2. Steps To Use Empathy Maps In B2b
      1. Identify The Relevant Stakeholders
      2. Identify Other Groups Which May Affect The Stakeholders’ Decision-Making
      3. Select Your Goal
      4. Build Your Empathy Map
  13. Tips For Effective Empathy Mapping
      1. Avoid Letting Your Biases Affect Your Decisions
      2. Build Your Foundation On Factual Data
      3. Always Be On The Lookout For New Opportunities
      4. Invest In A Root Cause Analysis
    1. Tips For Making Empathy Maps With Remote Teams
      1. Invest In Video Conferencing Technology
      2. Use Project Management Tools
      3. Use A Shared Document
  14. How Empathy Maps Simplify Decision-Making
  15. Conclusion

Read an excerpt from this Empathy Map Super Guide:

“Put simply, empathy is the ability to successfully understand another individual’s perspective by viewing things through their point of view. Empathy is considered a vital “soft skill” within the business world, and one which has been receiving greater focus in recent years as businesses and brands attempt to overcome increasing competition by building stronger customer loyalty structures.”

This is must-have knowledge for entrepreneurs and business model analysts, and consultants if you want to dominate business models, this super guide was made especially for you.

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Empathy Map Content

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