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Customer Success Strategies eBook Guide
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SUPER GUIDE: Customer Success Strategies

The Super Guide about Customer Success Strategies is a complete guide on how businesses come up with plans for success to make customers happier, get more people to use their products, and improve communication within the company.

Table of content

  1. Introduction
  2. What Is Customer Success?
  3. What Is A Customer Success Strategy?
    1. Customer Success Vs. Customer Support
    2. Customer Success Vs. Account Management
    3. Customer Success
      1. What Matters Here
    4. Customer Success Vs. Customer Experience
    5. Customer’s Experience
      1. How Customer Experience And Customer Success Work Together
  4. Who Needs A Customer Success Strategy?
  5. Why Is Customer Success Important?
    1. Good Customer Experience Increases Customer Loyalty For Your Brand
    2. Great Service Reduces Customer Conflict
    3. Excellent Customer Service Helps Convert Prospects
    4. Reduces Employee Turnover
    5. Excellence Raises Your Brand Profile
  6. Customer Success Management
  7. How Does Customer Success Work?
    1. Choose A Customer Success Solution
    2. Hire And Train A Customer Success Team
    3. Create A Customer Success Strategy
  8. Why Is It Important To Design A Customer Success Framework?
  9. Customer Success Strategies
    1. Brand Awareness
    2. Product/Service Education
    3. Customer Acquisition
    4. Guided Onboarding
    5. Customer Support
    6. Value Realization
    7. Customer Loyalty
    8. Expansion Offers
  10. How To Create A Customer Success Strategy
    1. Understand Your Customers
    2. Develop Processes
    3. Get A Crm
    4. Proactively Educate
    5. Use Automation
    6. Find Your Value Realization Moment
    7. Listen To What Your Customers Say
    8. Be Human
    9. Measure And Iterate
  11. Cases Of Examples Of Customer Success Strategy
    1. Facebook — Proactive Customer Support
      1. Facebook Makes It Possible For Users To Assist Themselves
      2. Guided Demonstrations Of Recently Added Functionality Are Provided
      3. Users Are Given The Freedom To Report Information On Their Own
      4. Provides Informative Newsletters Through Email
    2. Helpcrunch — Make Customer Onboarding Easy
      1. The Customer Should Be Greeted With An Email
      2. Continue Sending Follow-Up Emails
      3. Improve Your Data Store By Including How-To Guides
      4. Make Use Of Banners, Pop-Ups, And Automated Communications
      5. Offer Help With Orientation
    3. Hubspot — Create Free Content To Educate Your Customers
      1. Making An In-Depth Blog Post On The Internet
      2. Establishing The Hubspot Academy
      3. Offering Free Access To A Large Collection Of Books
      4. A Customer Knowledge Base Makes It Possible For Customers To Resolve Their Issues
    4. Zapier — Share Customer Success Stories
      1. Sharing The Tales Of Its Satisfied Clients
    5. Hyatt — Gather Customer Feedback
      1. Social Media Reviews
      2. Provides Feedback Forms
  12. Tips For Enabling Customer Success
    1. Implement A Customer Success Program
    2. Educate Your Customers
    3. Onboard Customers
    4. Communicate With Other Teams
    5. Promote Customer Loyalty
  13. Common Reasons Why Customer Success Fail
    1. Not Putting The Customer First
    2. Overdelivering
    3. Success Is Not Defined
    4. Focusing Only On Required Outcome
    5. Confusing Happiness And Success
    6. Forgetting We’re Working With Humans
    7. Focusing Only On Churn Mitigation
    8. Not Having A Customer Success Culture
    9. Failing To Properly Manage Expectations
    10. Acquiring Bad Fit Customers
  14. Conclusion

Read an excerpt from this Customer Success Strategies Super Guide:

“A successful and realistic customer success strategy is all about integrating all the department’s operations and utilizing and distributing all the available resources within the environment to satisfy the expectations and demands of the customers and help them reach their goals. A company must have a strategic planning process in place within its customer success department if it wants to ensure that all of its actions
are working toward a shared objective and helping to achieve the goals that its customers have set for themselves.

A well-thought-out customer success plan is required to improve client retention, renewals, upselling, and cross-selling. All the customer success strategies listed above are meant to get clients to take action independently.”


This is must-have knowledge for entrepreneurs and business model analysts and consultants. If you want to dominate business models this super guide was made especially for you.

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