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Cocktails are like presents you make for yourself  
According to Market Data Forecast, the global market value of the cocktail industry in 2020 was $86 million and is estimated to reach $1.5 billion by 2025. That is a huge increase. A driving force of this growth has been a global increase in living standards. Not only that, but new innovations such as canned and frozen cocktails means alcohol concoctions have made their way into our homes. No longer just a treat on a Friday or Saturday evening it seems? 

However, nothing can really replace the extravagance and flair of self-made cocktails - especially around friends and family. You, this cocktails online business for sale and our marketing resources with support can cater to people who have been influenced by this cocktail boom by educating them how to make their favourite cocktail assortments with a series of guides. Who do you know who would love to through a cocktail party? Sell them the solution…

‘Summer’ Cocktails Recipes

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^Discover this website. If you need a password to enter the store, please use '1234' but know that this is not needed to be entered by customers - only for some of our demo stores. This password gate will be removed when you launch the store.

Included products to sell
The following ebooks have been written by a topic specialist / researcher where the rights of the ebooks will be passed on to you. No royalties are needed to be paid so you can keep all 100% of the profit and revenue. When you start this business, you will acquire the Master Resell Rights for the following titles:

1. “40x Cocktail Recipes" Ebook

Excerpt: “In this book we will show you the best ingredients and methods for the perfect recipes. There are 40 different choices of cocktail to learn including how to make a classic Martini, Manhattan or a simple Gin and Tonic, you name it!…”

2. "Cocktail Recipes Ingredients” Ebook

Excerpt: “Enclosed are all of the ingredients you could ever need to make all of the best cocktails. This guide is to help you with selecting the best ingredients and to give you inspiration to make your own cocktails at home! Make sure you have this guide with you for whenever you pop to the super market so you know which drinks, mixers, condiments and extras to get…”

3. “Cocktail Recipes Tools and Gadgets” Ebook

Excerpt: “Enclosed are 19 of the greatest and most popular tools and gadgets you could ever need to make all of the best cocktails. This guide is to help you with selecting the best tools, allow you to put a name to a piece of strange looking equipment and talk the talk…”

Why launch this starter store?

A starter store is a cost effective way to start an ecommerce business as it reduces your barriers to entry.

This starter store saves you time, effort and money and although non-exclusive, meaning others can startup this same store, the benefits are plentiful when starting out this pre-built ready-to-grow Shopify store. You won't need to pay a premium for a custom built website, product sourcing and all extensive activities associated with starting up a business.

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You wish to supplement your income?

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We do encourage that you treat this store as a template which you can change, edit and improve to make it unique to you. As an idea, you could find new products to add, create a blog (the ability to do so is already included with this store) and edit the product’s content. That said, you can of course launch the store and advertise as is - which is what many customers do and succeed with.

What we have created for you:
This business is brand new but we have already completed everything which the store needs to launch and operate. We have designed a stunning website design and layout, written product pages and all store copywriting, selected all images, designed a logo, created product images, optimised the website navigation, designed all product collections, planned the product fulfilment to be 100% automatic, designed a cohesive brand image and have everything ready, optimised and waiting to be set up on the Shopify platform.