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Primium Dog Shopify Turnkey Website With Ebooks Small Business Opportunity Master Resell Rights Bundle

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A dog is the embodiment of non-conditional love 

The American Pet Products Association state that 2020 saw $1 billion spent on dogs in the US alone. The pet industry is huge, and non more so than the dog product industry: 42.7 million households in the US contain cats, whereas 63.4 million households accommodate dogs. But for the millions of people who adopt a new four legged best friend, it can be a daunting time. How often does a dog need to be fed? How do I teach it to sit? What do I even call it?…


The solution would be to sell the ultimate dog guide, full of info about caring for (and naming) a dog. This dog online business for sale comes with an ebook for you to sell to new dog lovers, to make sure they get the professional information required. Adopt this business today, and with our marketing resources and support, you can help dog owners with looking after their new best friends. How many people do you know who wants a dog? Sell them the solution…

'Premium Dog' Ebook Store

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Included products to sell

The ebook has been written by a topic specialist / researcher where the rights of the ebook will be passed on to you. No royalties are needed to be paid so you can keep all 100% of the profit and revenue.


When you start this business, you will acquire the Master Resell Rights for the following title:

“Choosing, Adopting and Naming Your New Dog” Ebook

Included within the ebook are the 2000 most popular dog names of the year and 14 chapters on how to care for a four legged friend. 



1. Tips to Avoid Disappointment
2. Comparing Breeds
3. Considering a Mixed Breed
4. Being Reasonable
5. Networking with Others
6. Getting the Facts: Researching Your Breed 
7. Getting to Know Your Dog 
8. Preparing Your Home & Family for Your New Dog! 
9. Purchasing Your Dog’s Supplies
10. Where are the Breeders?
11. Is Your Dog in Good Condition? 
12. Your Dog is a Long-Term Investment! 
13. Bringing Your New Dog Home! 
14. Enjoying Your New Dog! 


Dog guide excerpt: 

“No matter how much time you put into learning about the breed you have chosen, there is an additional point which you should consider: while there are many factors common to a particular breed, each dog is still an individual. You can gain a fair amount of understanding of what the breed is like, but getting to know your own dog means going a little further. The best way to get to know your dog is with in-person visits before you make your final decision to adopt him. If the breeder you have chosen lives fairly close to you, or if you are able to travel, the time you put into this will be invaluable. When you can meet, visit, and spend time with a dog, you will be able to determine if he is the right “fit” for you…”