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Business Model Assessment eBook Guide
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Business Model Assessment PLR eBook Guide

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SUPER GUIDE: Business Model Assessment

The Super Guide about Business Model Assessment is a complete guide on how the different methodologies to evaluate your company’s business model problems and possible improvements.

Table of Content

Here’s the content you’ll find in this guide

  1. Introduction
  2. Why Assess your Business Model?
  3. What Makes Strong Business Models?
  4. Methodologies for Assessing your Business Model
    1. Business Model Canvas and SWOT Analysis
    2. Evaluation Criteria from Morris, Schindehutte, Richardson and Allen
    3. NICE framework from Amit & Zott
    4. Hamel 4 Performance Indicators
    5. 7 Questions by Alexander Osterwalder
  5. Assessing the Business Model Space
    1. Industry Forces
    2. Market Forces
    3. Key Trends
    4. Macro-Economic Forces
  6. Conclusion

Read an excerpt from this Super Guide:

“At least once a year, it is recommended that we see the doctor and the dentist to check on our health — even if we have nothing bothering us. Likewise, we periodically take our car to a trusted repair shop to ensure everything is in perfect condition.

For this same reason, it is essential that we evaluate our business model regularly — to check the company’s health and that everything is working as expected. This business model assessment allows us to find out when something needs to be adjusted, reducing the risks and improving the chances of a bright future.

This is must-have knowledge for entrepreneurs and business model analysts, and consultants if you want to dominate business models, this super guide was made especially for you.

Business Model Assessment

Business Model Assessment

Business Model Assessment

Business Model Assessment

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