Bundling and Unbundling Business Models eBook Guide
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Bundling and Unbundling Business Models eBook Guide
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Bundling and Unbundling Business Models PLR eBook Guide

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SUPER GUIDE: Bundling and Unbundling Business Models

The Super Guide about Bundling and Unbundling Business Models is a complete guide on how business offers product bundling.

Table of content

  1. Introduction
  2. What Is Product Bundling?
    1. The Psychology Of Product Bundling & Sales
    2. Which Products Can Be Bundled?
    3. Examples Of Product Bundling
      1. Microsoft Windows On Pcs
      2. Google Chrome On Android Devices
      3. Hellofresh
      4. Naturebox
      5. Kylie Cosmetics
      6. Harry’s
      7. Bloom & Wild
      8. Anastasia Beverly Hills
      9. Asos
      10. Sweaty Betty
      11. H&M
      12. Murad
      13. Paperchase
    4. Product Bundling + Saas = A Great Combination Or A Pricing Failure?
    5. Examples Of Saas Product Bundling
      1. Amazon: Prime + Video
      2. Hotjar: Screen Recording + Heatmaps + More
      3. Adobe: Creative Cloud
      4. Box: Storage + Enterprise App Integrations
      5. Hubspot: Growth Suite
    6. Types Of Product Bundles
      1. Pure Bundles
      2. New Product Bundles
      3. Mix-And-Match Bundles
      4. Cross-Sell Bundles
      5. Gifting Bundles
      6. Inventory Clearance Bundles
      7. Buy-One-Get-One Bundles
    7. Mixed Bundling Vs. Pure Bundling
    8. When Bundling Products Doesn’t Work
      1. Categorical Reasoning
      2. The Presenter’s Paradox
      3. Beware Of Cognitive Load
    9. Why Is Product Bundling Important?
      1. Improve Brand Reputation
      2. Retain Customers
      3. Save Costs On Marketing And Shipping
      4. Repurpose Older Or Less Popular Products
      5. Take Advantage Of Seasonality
      6. Better Customer Experience
      7. Simpler Decision-Making
      8. Cost Savings
      9. Confidence In Decision-Making
    10. Disadvantages Of Product Bundling
      1. Customers Might Only Go For Bundles
      2. Not All Products Can Be Bundled
      3. Bundling Can Taint Your Popular Products
    11. Why Is Bundling A Consumer-Friendly Practice?
    12. 5 Metrics To Help You Choose Which Products To Bundle
      1. Top & Worst Sellers
      2. Annual Growth
      3. Sku Profitability
      4. Listing Profitability
      5. Trending Profitability
  3. The Bundling Business Model
    1. How Does Bundling Business Model Work?
    2. Examples Of Bundling Business Model
      1. Netflix: Bundle As Business Model
      2. Disney+: Bundle As Crm
      3. Amazon: Bundle As Churn Management
      4. Microsoft: Bundle As Market Expansion
      5. Apple: Bundle As Money-Maker
    3. Pros And Cons Of The Bundling Business Model
      1. Pros
        1. It Boosts Your Average Value Order
        2. Lower The Marketing Costs
        3. It Helps You Avoid Dead Stock
      2. Cons
        1. Risk Of Hurting Separate Items’ Reputation
    4. How To Build A Product Bundling Strategy
      1. Manage Bundling With The Help Of An Appropriate Software
      2. When Deciding Which Products To Bundle, Monitor The Appropriate Metrics
      3. Choose The Right Bundling Strategy
      4. Bundle Items With Purpose
      5. Product Bundling Pricing: Emphasize Savings
      6. Bundles Should Be Placed At The Beginning Of Your Customer’s Digital Journey
      7. Bringing The Product Bundle Together
    5. Tips And Best Practices For Small Businesses On Product Bundling
      1. Create Data-Driven Bundles
      2. Provide Different Packages
      3. Inform Your Clients About The Savings
      4. Create Time-Limited Bundles
      5. Promote Your Bundles Across Various Channels
    6. Most Popular Product Bundle Ideas
      1. Bundle Complementary Products
      2. Use Occasional Bundling
      3. Introduce A Buy-More-Pay-Less Model
      4. Try Subscription Bundling
      5. Sell Bestsellers Together
    7. What Is A Bundle Pricing Strategy?
      1. Why Is Product Bundling Pricing Effective?
      2. How To Calculate Bundle Pricing
        1. Decide Which Products Should Be Sold In A Bundle
        2. Analyze Data To Discover The Best Pricing And Sizes For Your Product Bundles
  4. What Is Unbundling?
    1. Example Of Unbundling
      1. Apple’s Itunes Unbundled Albums
      2. Amazon’s E-Commerce Unbundled Retail
      3. Google Unbundled Newspapers
    2. When Does Unbundling Make More Sense?
    3. How Does Unbundling Work?
    4. How To Use Unbundling To Carve Out Your Niche
      1. For Products And Services
      2. For Communities And Platforms
  5. What Is Unbundling Business Model?
    1. How To Leverage The 9 Elements?
    2. History Of Unbundling In Business Strategy
      1. First Wave Of Unbundling
      2. Second Wave Of Unbundling
      3. Third Wave Of Unbundling
    3. Successful Examples Of Unbundling
      1. Yeezy Dating
      2. Facebook Apps
      3. Reddit Subgroups
  6. How To Succeed In Business By Bundling — And Unbundling
  7. Conclusion

Read an excerpt from this Bundling and Unbundling Business Models Super Guide:

“When a business offers a collection of similar items at a reduced price, it encourages consumers to buy more than they otherwise would have. This method may result in a rise in sales of products that are  related. Even if it results in a reduced profit per unit, there is an increase in total income as a result of higher inventory movement.”

This is must-have knowledge for entrepreneurs and business model analysts, and consultants if you want to dominate business models, this super guide was made especially for you.

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