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Balanced Scorecard eBook Guide
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SUPER GUIDE: Balanced Scorecard

The Super Guide about Balanced Scorecard is a complete guide on how balanced scorecards are a performance metric that helps a business find, improve, and keep track of its different functions and the results they produce.

Table of content

  1. Introduction
  2. What Is Balanced Scorecard?
    1. The Balanced Scorecard Links Performance Measures
    2. The Balanced Scorecard Is A Management Framework
    3. The Balanced Scorecard Is Flexible
    4. The Balanced Scorecard Is Adaptable
  3. A Brief History Of The Balanced Scorecard
    1. The Balanced Scorecards Of The 1990s
    2. Balanced Scorecards In A New Millennium
    3. The Future Of The Balanced Scorecard
  4. Characteristics Of The Balanced Scorecard Model (Bsc)
    1. Learning And Growth
    2. Business Processes
    3. Customer Perspectives
    4. Financial Data
  5. How Does It Work?
    1. The Four Perspectives Of The Balanced Scorecard
      1. Financial Perspective
      2. Customer Perspective
      3. Internal Business Processes Perspective
      4. Innovation And Learning Perspective
  6. Elements Of A Balanced Scorecard
    1. Preparation
    2. The First Round Of Interviews
    3. First Executive Workshop
    4. The Second Round Of Interviews
    5. Second Executive Workshop
    6. Third Executive Workshop
    7. Implementation
    8. Periodic Reviews
  7. Key Features Of A Balanced Scorecard
    1. Strategy Map
    2. Action Plans
      1. Starts With A Verb
      2. Endless
      3. Actionable
      4. Measureable
    3. Metrics
      1. Measure The ‘health’ Of The Organization
      2. Focus, Focus, Focus
  8. How To Implement The Balanced Scorecard
    1. Balanced Scorecard Implementation Mistakes
    2. The Right Way To Implement A Balanced Scorecard
  9. How To Use A Balanced Scorecard?
    1. Assessment
    2. Strategy
    3. Strategic Objectives
    4. Strategy Mapping
    5. Performance Measures
    6. Strategic Initiatives
    7. Performance Analysis
    8. Alignment
    9. Evaluation
  10. Benefits Of A Balanced Scorecard
    1. Better Strategic Planning
    2. Improved Strategy Communication & Execution
    3. Better Alignment Of Projects And Initiatives
    4. Better Management Information
    5. Improved Performance Reporting
    6. Better Organizational Alignment
    7. Better Process Alignment
    8. Examples Of A Balanced Scorecard (Bsc)
    9. The Four Balanced Scorecard Objectives For The Telco Company
    10. Strategic Priorities And Core Values
      1. Brand Awareness
      2. Customer Service
      3. Content Partnerships
    11. Project Management Balanced Scorecard
    12. It Balanced Scorecard
    13. Startups Balanced Scorecard
    14. Hr (Human Resources) Balanced Scorecard
  11. Balanced Scorecard Template
  12. Criticisms Of The Balanced Scorecard
    1. It Must Be Tailored To The Organization
    2. It Needs Buy-In From Leadership To Be Successful
    3. It Can Get Complicated
    4. It Requires A Lot Of Data
  13. Conclusion


Read an excerpt from this Balanced Scorecard Super Guide:

“A balanced scorecard is a way to look at your business that focuses on its overall strategic goals and lets you see these goals from different points of view at the same time. It also helps you choose the right metrics to measure in order to reach your goals. With the help of the balanced scorecard, the company is better able to put its plans into action.”


This is must-have knowledge for entrepreneurs and business model analysts and consultants. If you want to dominate business models this super guide was made especially for you.

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