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Agritech Business Models eBook Guide
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SUPER GUIDE: Agritech Business Models

The Super Guide about Agritech Business Models is a complete guide on how Agritech cuts across all areas within the agricultural industry and may represent the next major disruption within the sector itself.

Table of content

  1. Introduction
  2. What Is Agritech?
    1. What Is The Fourth Agricultural Revolution?
    2. Why Do We Need To Adopt Agritech?
      1. The Need For Improved Land Management Practices
      2. The Challenges Of Climate Change
      3. Our Increasing Carbon Footprint
      4. Rapid Resource Depletion
      5. The Need For Greater Biodiversity
      6. Water Management Hurdles
      7. Our Population Is Growing Rapidly
    3. Uses Of Agritech
      1. Smart Farming
      2. Drones & Satellite – Scanning & Surveillance
      3. Iot-Based Sensors
      4. Big-Data
      5. Blockchain In Agricultural Logistics
      6. Biotech
      7. Farm Maintenance Technology
      8. Production & Transportation Innovation
  3. The Three Trends Of Agritech
    1. Technologies That Enhance Productivity
    2. Technologies That Enhance The Availability Of Agricultural Products To Consumers
    3. Technologies Geared Towards Solving Contemporary Issues Facing Our Society
    4. Technologies That Cut Across Industries
  4. Factors Affecting The Adoption Of Agricultural Technology
    1. Institutional Challenges
    2. Economic Challenges
    3. Social Challenges
    4. Benefits Vs Cost
    5. Land Size
    6. Technical Issues
    7. Information Dissemination
    8. Local Factors
  5. Technology Innovations Serving As The Foundation For New Business Models In Agriculture
    1. Biotechnology
      1. Agricultural Biotechnology Startups
      2. Microbe Plus
      3. Bioheuris
      4. Microendo
      5. Art Lab Solutions
      6. Bioprime Agrisolutions
    2. Mobile Phones
    3. Internet/Connectivity
    4. Data Analytics & Ai/Ml
      1. Ageye Technologies
      2. Heliopas Ai
      3. Wolkus Technology Solutions
      4. Onesoil
      5. Root Ai
    5. Iot Software And Hardware
      1. Xfarm
      2. Mycroclime
      3. Auroras
      4. Cultyvate
      5. Swinesmart
      6. Lentera
    6. Robotics And Automation
      1. Top Automation Startups Impacting The Agriculture Industry
      2. Ignisnova
      3. Deepgreen
      4. Sensonomic
      5. Sagri
    7. Blockchain / Dlt
      1. Blockchain Startups Transforming The Agricultural Industry
      2. Worldcover
      3. Te-Food
      4. Ripe.Io
      5. Etherisc
      6. Demeter
  6. What Is An Agritech Business Model?
    1. The Rapid Emergence Of Agriculture Technology (Agritech) Business Models
      1. Increased Digitization
      2. A Shift In Investor Interest
      3. Increased Accessibility To New Technologies
      4. Changing Political And Social Sentiments
  7. Agritech Business Models
    1. Farmer Advisory/Consulting
    2. Peer-To-Peer Lending
    3. Traceability
    4. Digital Marketplaces
    5. Mechanization, System Leasing, And Rentals
  8. Some Other Agritech Business Models To Look At
    1. Engineering Services
    2. Manufacturing
    3. Processing And Treatment
    4. Offline Retail And Sales
    5. Service Provider
  9. Comparing Models
    1. Lifetime Value
    2. Customer Acquisition Cost
  10. Steps To Success Agritech Start-Ups
    1. Identify Your Target Market
    2. Present A Clear And Compelling Value Proposition
    3. You Have To Give It Time
    4. Be Sure You Know How To Scale The Technology
    5. Do Not Assume You Know How To Sell Your Target’s Product
    6. Focus On More Than Just The Key Asset
    7. Focus On Regulatory Risk
    8. The Same Goes For Esg
    9. Create A Cross-Functional Implementation Team
  11. Conclusion

Read an excerpt from this Agritech Business Models Super Guide:

“From this deceptively simple definition, it can easily be seen that Agritech cuts across all areas within the agricultural industry and may represent the next major disruption within the sector itself. Even though the term technically includes more commonly known agricultural tools and machinery such as combine harvesters, produce processors, and even advanced irrigation systems, it is more commonly used to refer to what is referred to as the Fourth Agricultural Revolution.”

This is must-have knowledge for entrepreneurs and business model analysts, and consultants if you want to dominate business models, this super guide was made especially for you.

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